What can be done to defend a DUI charge in Manassas, Virginia?

Each case has unique circumstances and evidence. A full analysis of your specific charges should be done at once to determine the best defense strategy or options that could be present in your case. Some cases have so many errors that the Virginia DUI lawyer from the firm can get the case dismissed; others may be more difficult and require skillful negotiations to get the charges reduced or to seek alternative sentencing. The most important aspect of defending a DUI charge, whether it is a misdemeanor or felony, is that the DUI lawyer from the firm is working on your case from the outset, prior to any court appearance, including the arraignment (formal charges), a bail hearing or other court appearance.

  • Isn’t it expensive to defend a DUI?

    When the hidden costs of a conviction are taken into consideration, including increased insurance rates, transportation costs when you cannot legally drive, the costs to your future ability to get a job with a criminal record of DUI, getting help from the Law Offices of Michael A. Pignone is likely much less than you think. The rates are reasonable and very competitive, and the attorney is available to discuss your case.

  • Should I answer questions from the police after a DUI accident?

    Never answer questions until the attorney arrives to protect your rights. You have the right to an attorney, and this right should be exercised before answering questions. The questioning process is geared towards getting more information to convict you; allowing it to take place without an attorney from the firm at your side can make the defense of the case more difficult to defend.

  • Will my license be suspended?

    If you are not represented by the attorney at the firm, and just plead guilty, the penalties all include license suspension or revocation, depending upon the charge. A first offense can lead to one year license revocation in a conviction. Some felony charges could restrict your ability to legally operate a vehicle for an indefinite period, usually years.

  • Is it possible to get the charges against me dismissed?

    The firm offers a free case evaluation to help to determine the best course of action for your case. This allows you the opportunity to find out what you options are. In many cases, when errors in law enforcement procedures, whether in the stop, the arrest, or the testing have taken place, the attorney can take action to get the charges fully dismissed. You deserve to find out what the options are in your specific case before you make any decision about your plea.

  • What types of DUI cases does your firm defend?

    The firm has over 20 years experience in defending all types of DUI charges, including giving you the information you need immediately about misdemeanor and felony DUI charges and what can be done to defend your specific case. The first step is to ensure you have defense counsel protecting your rights. The second step is to determine what should be done to help you fight back, and what strategy could be effective for you in court. If there are options to get your case dismissed, such as errors in testing, the initial police stop, or other matter, you can be confident that the firm will take action to bring the matter to an early close, with no further repercussions for you. When there are more complex cases, the attorney may have to develop a defense case to present to the court. He should review your case immediately to determine how to best proceed.