Fighting Your Charges with the Virginia DUI Attorney

Serious charges can be levied against any person who leaves the scene after having been involved in a vehicular accident. The law requires that any person involved in an accident must stop and render aid to the injured, as well as to stop and be available to law enforcement after any vehicle collision.

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What to Expect from Your Case

It is often believed that a person leaving the scene of an accident was either:

  • Under the influence of alcohol
  • Impaired by drugs
  • Did not have a valid license
  • Did not have insurance

These “hit and run” accidents could lead to either felony or misdemeanor charges being filed against the driver when that person is caught by law enforcement – which frequently takes place, as there are often witnesses or video that identifies the vehicle and license plate.

If you are in need of legal advice concerning an accident in which it is alleged that you left the scene, it is vital that you get in touch with a Virginia DUI attorney at the Law Offices of Michael A. Pignone at once. There may have been witnesses to the accident who provided a description of the automobile and possibly the license plate number to the law enforcement authorities. Immediate legal consultation and representation are vital in such a situation.

Building a Powerful Defense

When there is a legal matter involving charges of leaving the scene of an accident, many factors could impact the final outcome of the case. These can include determining whether the driver was actually under the influence or ability impaired, injury or great bodily harm or a death resulted from the accident. Your rights can be protected if you were involved in an accident and left the scene.

If you have been charged or are under investigation and will be facing charges of hit & run, you need an experienced and professional defense attorney that will take action to can assist you in getting the charges dismissed or reduced or help you fight for any advantage at trial. Get help from the Virginia DUI lawyer. We are experienced, dedicated and aggressive and take on clients fully determined to seek out any possible alternative that could be a benefit in a case of leaving the scene.

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