Have you been charged with a sex offense in Prince William County? There are not many offenses that bring more controversy than sex offenses. That is why defendants accused of sexual crimes need the best legal representation available.

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What to do if you are Being Accused of a Sex Crime in Prince William County

In many cases where accusations involve individuals who are acquainted with one another or Internet sex crimes, individuals will know they are being investigated before arrests are made. There is no better time to talk to a criminal defense attorney and build a case than right away.

The impulse to protect the victims of sex crimes is understandable. Unfortunately, however, this often results in the abrogation of the rights and privileges of defendants who have been accused of these various crimes. In Prince William County, Virginia, you should safeguard your rights by calling a sex crimes lawyer.

Types of Sex Crimes in Prince William County

Sex crimes are a category that includes a variety of offenses. Most sex crimes are felonies. It should be noted that physical contact is not a prerequisite for being accused of a sex crime in Virginia. Acts like indecent exposure and Internet solicitation carry stiff penalties. Here is a list of some types of offenses your sex crimes lawyer could help defend against:

  • Child pornography: Possession, production, distribution, or financing of images of children engaged in sexual activity is a crime under Virginia Code Section 18.2-374.1 and  18.2-374.4.
  • Carnal knowledge of a minor: According to Virginia state law, a child cannot consent to a sexual relationship with an adult. The age of consent in Virginia is 18. Teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 are given an exception to the rule. If you fall between this age range, you will not be prosecuted for a more serious sex crime offense so long as your partner is of a similar age.
  • Rape: Under Virginia Code Section 18.2-61 defines rape as sexual intercourse with someone against their will. This is by force, threat, or intimidation. Rape is punishable by a maximum penalty of life imprisonment, with a minimum fine of five years in prison.
  • Attempted Rape: An attempt to commit rape is punishable as a Class 4 felony. It is a grave crime and is not taken lightly. The fine for attempted rape can vary.
  • Forcible Sodomy: When a criminal engages in penetration of a victim by force, threat, or intimidation of the victim’s mental or physical helplessness.
  • Object Sexual Penetration: An attempt to use a foreign entity for penetration. An attempt to insert an inanimate or animate object through sexual penetration comes with punishment under a Class 4 felony, along with attempted rape.

Until recently, Virginia still had a “Crimes Against Nature” crime in its books under Virginia Code § 18.2-361. This statute was invoked to prosecute adults that would engage in sexual activities with minors. This was invoked when other charges could not be brought forward for any reason. The Richmond-based 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently overturned this statute.

These are only a few of the various sex crimes you could be charged within Prince William County. There are many others, including sexual battery, aggravated sexual battery, and other sex crime charges. If you have been charged with any type of Prince William County sex crimes, do not hesitate to call a sex crimes lawyer for help and potentially avoid some of the harsh implications of a conviction, including your name being added to the Virginia sex offender registry.

How a Sex Crimes Lawyer in Prince William County Can Help

If you have been accused of a sex crime in Prince William County do not hesitate to contact a Criminal Defense Attorney. The Law Offices of Michael A. Pignone in Prince William County will assist you in clearing your name and challenging the evidence against you. Contact us today, and let us help you handle your accusers.

Prevalence of Sex Crimes in Virginia

People do not realize the severity of sex crimes in Virginia. This can include sexual intercourse, oral sex, sodomy or sexual abuse through object penetration, and other types of sex crimes. The age of the minor and the defendant affect how the offense is charged. 

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Consent and Sex Crimes 

If the minor is between the age of 13 to 15 and consents, and the defendant is also a child but is three years or older than the victim, the crime is considered a Class 4 felony. However, if the consenting minor is less than three years younger than the defendant, the offense is viewed as a Class 4 misdemeanor. 

If a minor in a juvenile facility is at least 15, the crime is then charged as a Class 6 felony. This happens when the defendant is an employee or volunteer of a correctional facility, detention home, or probation services unit.

When to Call Sex Crimes Lawyer at the Law Offices of Michael A. Pignone

If you have been accused of a sex crime, do not wait. Call to consult with a Prince William County criminal defense lawyer. Protecting your reputation and future is vital when you have been accused of sex crimes.

Be sure to get in contact with a reputable Prince William County sex crimes lawyer at the Law Offices of Michael A. Pignone to take on your case. Our firm offers consultations to individuals in Prince William County who have been accused of sexual assault and other related sex offenses. Be sure to contact us or call our office to schedule yours as soon as today.