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It can come as a shock to be suddenly stopped, interrogated, asked to submit to a field sobriety test, then arrested and given a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) blood or breath test. Sometimes an officer will unfairly decide a driver is guilty before even talking with the driver. If something like this has happened to you or a family member, it is important that you consult a knowledgeable and skilled Virginia DUI attorney immediately.

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Breakdown of DUI Penalties

First Time DUI: Misdemeanor Charges – A first time DUI is charged as a misdemeanor, but the level of alcohol in your blood will determine some of what takes place after your arrest. If you register at .20 or higher, you will be forced to spend a mandatory 10 days in jail. A first time DUI conviction means fines from $250 – $2,500, and license revocation for up to 1 year.

Second Time DUI – A second DUI offense has heavier penalties. You may a minimum fine of $500, and license revocation for as long as 3 years, as well as the requirement to have an ignition interlock device installed in all of your vehicles – at your cost. If you have another conviction for DUI within a look-back period of 10 years, you will be spending 10 days in jail as a mandatory minimum sentence. If it is within a 5 year look-back period, you will spend 20 days behind bars as part of the mandatory punishment imposed by the court. You will also have your vehicle impounded for 90 days at least.

Third Time DUI – A third DUI is filed as a felony, and your license will be revoked for an indefinite period of time. You will forfeit your vehicle in many cases. If a prior conviction was within 10 years, you will be spending 90 days in jail. If the prior convictions were within 5 years, you will spend 6 months in jail. Your fines will be a minimum of $1,000 and can range much higher.

Experienced Representation from Michael A. Pignone

It takes a great amount of skill and knowledge to successfully defend against a DUI charge. The legal team at the firm is strongly interested in protecting your driver’s license and helping you fight to avoid a conviction while working closely with you to develop your defense strategy and will always keep you fully informed as your case moves through the system.

Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, there may be a number of weaknesses in the prosecution’s case which could be used to get the charges dropped, dismissed, or reduced, or to achieve an acquittal at trial. Our office is located in Manassas, Virginia and we serve clients throughout Prince William, Fairfax, and Fauquier Counties.

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