Were you charged with DUI at a sobriety checkpoint?

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Sobriety Checkpoint Laws in Virginia

Various law enforcement and traffic safety personnel are allowed to set up road blocks to check drivers for intoxication. They usually allow drivers to pass through the checkpoint slowly while they observe and search for any indication of impairment or driving under the influence (DUI). The officers choose drivers to observe behavior more closely and to question or test. These checkpoints are thought to be one way of discouraging or catching drunk drivers and thus improving safety on the highways and roads in general.

Discrimination or non-uniformity of handling different types of drivers at the checkpoints is not permissible by law. This would include discrimination due to sex, race, age or other reasons. If you or someone you know has been arrested at such a sobriety checkpoint contact a qualified Virginia DUI lawyer at the Law Offices of Michael A. Pignone who will investigate the method used at the sobriety checkpoint to find out if standard procedures were violated. Any variation to the correct procedure could be beneficial in defending your case and achieving a positive outcome.

DUI Attorney in Fairfax, Fauquier & Prince William County

Serious consequences can result from a conviction for a DUI charge including:

  • Fines
  • Jail time
  • Loss of driving privileges

To protect your rights and fight to protect your privileges, it is imperative that you contact a skilled and Virginia DUI attorney today. He will research any possible violations of your rights and zealously fight to help you to pursue a case dismissal, reduced charge or an acquittal a trial.

As you are protected by the U.S. Constitution, (the 4th amendment) those involved in allowing sobriety checkpoints are restricted and heavily regulated. DUI checkpoints have the purpose of randomly identifying those who are operating vehicles while intoxicated, and as a deterrent for drivers during various holiday seasons and in certain areas of town.

Roadblocks generally are in place between the hours of 9pm and 2am during weekends, as these are identified as the times in which there are a higher percentage of drivers who may be operating their vehicles drunk. Any time a sobriety checkpoint is proposed, there must be valid reasons to do so, and these could include a large number of accidents in a particular area. There must be a specific approach, such as every 3rd vehicle will be pulled over – there can be no profiling. Were you arrested and charged with DUI at a sobriety checkpoint? Ensure your rights are protected and that everything possible is done to defend you.

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