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The seizure or impounding of your vehicle following a DUI charge is dependent upon the circumstances of the DUI situation. If your automobile was impounded at the time of arrest for a DUI, you will have to pay costs for towing and storage of the vehicle. The inaccessibility of your vehicle for transport can cause a major inconvenience and added expense for you on top of the stress of dealing with the DUI charges themselves. If you were driving without a valid driver’s license or without valid insurance at the time of the arrest, the penalties can be harsher and unraveling the impounding or seizure can be more complicated.

Depending on your means, the recovery of your vehicle can become pressing on your ability to perform your work or commute to your job. Thus it can become a pressing matter to expedite the recovery of your vehicle. Contact Virginia DUI lawyer at the Law Firm of Michael A. Pignone an experienced and proven attorney who has been successfully dealing in DUI cases including recovery of impounded vehicles for almost two decades. He has the experience and knowledge with DUI’s in Virginia and has a proven track record with the achievement of effective results for clients. He can assist you.

Restoring Your Vehicle in Prince William, Fairfax, & Fauquier Counties

The loss of your vehicle following your arrest for a DUI can draw out in time depending on the various hearings and legal proceedings surrounding your case. It can become a challenge to restore your vehicle to your possession. In 2010, the DUI laws in the state were updated, allowing for vehicle impoundment when a party is found operating their vehicle after a license suspension. This impoundment is for a minimum of 90 days, and there are costs involved that will hit your finances hard.

If you are struggling with the loss of your car, truck or other vehicle due to a vehicle impoundment after a DUI arrest, the attorney from the firm can help you fight to get it sorted out so that you are once again in possession of your vehicle. The state has some of the most extreme penalties for DUI in the country, and the firm has a great deal of experience helping the clients get these issues resolved favorably.

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