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    In Virginia, it is against the law to possess, transport, sell, manufacture, or distribute a controlled substance. The state charges drug crimes severely and a conviction can be punished by years in prison, substantial fines, and a permanent mark on your criminal record. If you have been accused of a drug crime, waste no time in contacting the Law Offices of Michael A. Pignone. The firm’s founding Virginia criminal defense lawyer possesses more than a decade of experience and can help you to overcome the charges you face.

    Drug related offenses that the firm can defend include:

    • Distribution
    • Manufacturing and cultivation
    • Trafficking
    • Possession
    • Federal offenses

    Have you been arrested in association with a controlled substance? Request a free consultation today and learn about your possible defenses.

    Penalties and Charges

    In Virginia, controlled substances are grouped into six “schedules” based on the potential for abuse and known medical uses. The consequences of an offense are greatly determined by the classification of the drug(s) in question with a schedule I drugs associated with the most severe punishments. Examples of schedule I drugs can include heroin, ecstasy, and LSD. Punishments can depend on factors including the location of the alleged event, a defendant’s past criminal history (particularly for other drug crimes), and the amount of a drug in question.

    Drug crimes can be charged as both felonies and misdemeanors and without an aggressive defense, charges can often overlap. For example, an individual accused of possession may also be facing charges for distribution. Depending on the amount of drug in question, a defendant may also be charged with trafficking. Every case will contain unique factors and to learn more about the specific penalties you may face, contact the firm to discuss the details of your case.

    Drug Diversion Programs

    If a defendant meets specific criteria, they may qualify for a deferment program in place of formal charges. Eligibility requires that an offender enters a guilty plea and that it is the first such offense. Careful consideration must be given to this option, and before accepting, the firm can work with you to explore your possible defenses.

    Program requirements typically include:

    • Completion of a substance abuse program
    • Payment of all related program costs and fees
    • Remaining free of alcohol and drugs (subject to random testing)
    • Maintaining employment or making an effort to seek employment
    • Community service (for felony charges)
    • License suspension

    Upon completion of the program, the case against you may be dismissed, however, your record may show that you were charged and enrolled in the deferment program. If at any point, a defendant violates the program terms, the charges may be reinstated for which a guilty plea was previously submitted.

    Secure Powerful Drug Crimes Defense

    Whether you have been charged with possession of marijuana or distribution of a schedule I controlled substance, the Law Offices of Michael A. Pignone can help you to overcome the legal hurdles which lie ahead. The firm’s Virginia criminal defense attorney is highly experienced with drug related offenses and can fight tirelessly to defend your freedom. Did the arresting officer have probable cause? Was there an unlawful search conducted? If you are facing criminal charges, the firm can help you to explore the full range of your legal options.

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