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If you have been arrested for DUI based on the results of a blood test, you will likely have countless questions. We encourage you to get trustworthy answers by coming to the Law Offices of Michael A. Pignone. The firm’s Virginia DUI attorney can provide you with more than just answers, however, but aggressive advocacy from the start to finish of your case.

Blood tests are often administered in the following scenarios:

  • Breathalyzer is unavailable
  • Implicated individual is unable to give a breath test for any reason
  • Law enforcement suspects the individual may be under the influence of drugs

In the case of drugs, whether they are prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, or illegal drugs, they cannot be measured or detected through a breath test.

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In some cases where an accident has occurred and the individual has been taken to an emergency center or hospital, law enforcement may request that a blood test be given to determine the possibility of DUI violation. In all of these cases, specific procedures must be followed per state law.

These procedures include rules as to who is qualified to draw blood and specific regulations as to how the test is administered, how the blood is handled, how it is transported, and how it is tested. The blood sample is then tested by the Department of Forensic Science. If any parts of the blood testing procedures are violated, the blood test may be deemed invalid as evidence in court.

How Blood Tests Can Be Challenged

A competent Virginia DUI lawyer such as Attorney Pignone will be thoroughly versed in blood testing procedures. He can investigate and may challenge any step of the procedure as to its propriety and accuracy, including the qualifications and methods used of those who drew the sample. He may also request and ask for an independent analysis of the blood sample, separate from the analysis of the Department of Forensic Science. This is done according to statutory guidelines.

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