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    Getting a Restricted License after a DUI Conviction

    If you have decided to plead guilty to a DUI charge, whether it involves drugs or alcohol, you should be aware that even for a first time DUI conviction, it is mandatory that a driver’s license be suspended for a minimum of one year. In some cases it is possible under the law to obtain restricted driving privileges.

    Not all judges are willing to grant this, but the law allows for some situations where restricted driving could be allowed. In order to have the best possibility of obtaining a restricted license you should consult a respected Manassas, Virginia DUI lawyer with a background of success, and with the experience to present your petition to the court.

    Restricted License Lawyer in Manassas, Virginia

    A restricted license may be granted for a limited number of reasons such as driving a minor child to and from:

    • Medical care
    • Day care
    • School

    Or driving yourself to and from:

    • Work
    • Medical treatment
    • Education
    • Alcohol safety action program

    This privilege may not start right away. Although you may request a restricted license at the time of your conviction if it is a first offense, after some DUI convictions there is a waiting period. After a second DUI conviction which is within 10 years of the first, you will have a waiting period of 4 months. If it is within 5 years you will have a 1 year wait. For a third conviction, the waiting period is 3 years.

    The best solution to the problem of a license suspension would be to have a restricted license lawyer fight the DUI charge and:

    • Have the charges dropped
    • Gain an acquittal
    • Get the charge reduced

    If this is not an option, then you need a very persuasive petition.

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    The legal team at the firm understands how vital the freedom to drive can be to proceeding with your life and the ability to uphold all of your responsibilities, including those that involve driving. A skilled Virginia DUI lawyer at the firm will work closely with you to prepare a petition which makes a sincere and compelling argument to the judge or to the DMV for a restricted license. Call the Law Offices of Michael A. Pignone for an in-depth consultation and find out what can be done in your case.

    Every individual case has unique circumstances. No matter what your situation is, the firm is highly skilled in presenting a persuasive case for a restricted license to the DMV or the court. The court has the authority to grant a restricted license to those who are convicted of DUI, reckless driving, aggressive driving, and certain other offenses. After 3 years, you can petition for a restricted license if you were convicted of a 3rd DUI offense, 3 DUI’s within 10 years, vehicular manslaughter that involved DUI driving, or also in cases in which your license was suspended due to a failure to pay court fines and costs.

    Contact our Manassas, Virginia DUI attorney today if you need a restricted license.