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Yes, You Can! Here’s What You Need to Know

In Virginia, if you meet the criteria, you may have the ability to get a restricted license after being convicted of a first or second DUI offense. If there has been an accident or injury, the legal situation may be more complex to resolve. The first action you should take is to get legal representation to help you resolve this important situation.

Every case must be carefully analyzed to determine what legal action should be taken to allow you to restore your driving privileges. If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, you have several options. If you plead guilty, you will face license suspension for 1 year, and whether you can restore your driving privileges can be greatly impacted by the abilities of the defense lawyer representing you.

A restricted license gives you the right to drive – but only to and from certain locations, such as work, school, medical appointments, and other similar locations. At the time of a conviction, you can request a restricted license, but you may face a waiting period, based upon the circumstances of your case, and the judge that is handling your case. Some may have a 4 month waiting period. There is also the option of fighting the charges against you, and seeking an acquittal, and if successful, getting your driving privileges restored is far easier.

For those who have a prior conviction for DUI within the past 5 years, the licensing and legal problems are more serious; you should have your case evaluated immediately by a highly skilled Virginia DUI lawyer immediately after your arrest. As the ability to gain a restricted license is based upon various factors, which can even include the temperament of the judge, how your case is addressed is extremely important, if you hope to be able to operate a vehicle legally any time in the near future.

The laws in Virginia allow for heavy penalties to be imposed on DUI drivers, and even a first conviction will include a suspended license. If you have concerns about restoring your driving privileges, we urge you to get in touch with our firm at once so we can help you take the right action to get back behind the wheel, legally.

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